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  • Florence S Wood says:

    Please could you put me in touch with or send the following e-mail to Roy Parsons (McCune History Department).
    Dear Roy. 2 years ago when visiting the States from Bolton, Lancashire I met you at the McCune Library with my cousin Peggy Ann Kruger (nee Mullin). I came bearing a small bottle of unopened Maple Syrup which had been made in McCune and in my cupboard for over 25 years.
    When in the History Dept., I noticed pictures of pupils at the McCune School. I have a picture of Grades 5-6 dated 1926-1927 with a list of pupils on the back–including Miss Russell the teacher. There is also an earlier one, not dated but some of the pupils can be identified from the later picture.
    2 requests please!
    Reading my mother’s notes, I was surprised to find that the Grade School in 1924 the new building was unfinished and Grades 1-8 were scattered about town in lounge or other large room. When was the Grade School finally built? Do you have a picture of the same?
    I also have a costume picture of my mother Edna F. Leigh (nee Johnston) ready to drive a covered wagon during McCune’s 50th township celebrations?
    Do have a picture of the parade or anything to mark that occasion.
    I would send the three pictures I have as an e-mail attachment.
    FLO Wood
    PS I read the Library News every month.

  • Florence S Wood says:

    I hope you have received my message to Roy Parsons, if not please could he get in touch with me at the email address below.

  • Roberta Stover says:

    I’m looking for any information I can find about my great grandfather. His name I Charles W.Johnson it looks like his occupation, according to the 1930 census, that he was the Marshall of McCune. If there is any information you can help me with i would really appreciate it. Thank you

  • Maggie Jones says:

    Could you please see if you have any obituary on James L. Dockstader and Caroline Baldwin Dockstader, his wfe. She died in 1915 and he died in 1919. He is in William G Cutler’s “History of the State of Kansas, Crawford County, 1883, Part23, p.1147. Any help that you are able to provide, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,
    Maggie Jones

  • Troy Myers says:

    I am looking to see about finding someone that would email me information on the McCune Cemetery it shows two of my relatives out there but there are no dates for either of them. His name was Aaron Faust and hers was Susannah Faust.

  • Alexander Campbell says:

    I am related to Robert and Fanny Templeman who moved from England to McCune in the early 1890’s. My Grandmother, Gwendoline, was born 24/6/94 in Lynnville, which I assume is nearby, and her sister Helen was born in 1897 in Mc Cune, as was a son Gilbert, born in 1900.
    After this I am confused.. my grandmother and her sister returned to England , but other members of the family settled in McCune, and some moved to California.
    I would be most grateful if you could help me track who remained in McCune what happened to them.
    Many Thanks

  • Raymond Towne says:

    Hello Museum. We understand Edna Johnston Leigh grew up on a farm with a tower, where she first learned the stars, later researching Iliad and Odyssey, which she learned of at Kansas State Teachers College Pittsburg; her work was completed by daughter Florence and son-in-law Kenneth Wood as Homer’s Secret Iliad (199). We would like to drive by the farm and tower, if it still stands, NOT disturbing present owner. Also wonder if you have a Leigh display at your museum. Kind regards. Ray and Karen Towne 12/25/2017 Merry Christmas!

  • Linda Janke says:


    I am researching my family and looking for an obituary for Columbus Washington Smith, who died in McCune, Kansas on January 12, 1935. Also looking for an obituary for his wife, Dora Bell Mann Smith, who died in 1938. Can you help me find these obits? I will be happy to pay any costs involved in the search. Thank you for any help you can give.

    Linda Janke
    Oysterville, Washington

  • Jill Wilson says:

    Hi, I am looking for any information or picture you may have of Mary Jane Bagby. Parents where Cleve and Ethel Bagby. She was my mother Doris Bagby’s little sister. She died from a car accident when she was a small child. We have no pictures of her. I think she may have gone to school before she died. She is buried at Star Cemetery along with other family members. Thank you for any information you can find. Jill

  • Valerie Wilcken Schlader says:

    My mother, Goldie Elizabeth Green Wilcken, was born in Monmouth in 12-1-1920. She graduated high school at McCune in 1941. Her father was C.A. “Dick” Green and her mother was Cordie Mae Green. (Second cousins) I recently came in possession of my mother’s photo albums that had old b/w photos from late 1800’s to 1947. Sir names in the album include: Bankston, Burris, Payne, Brisbin, Sartin, Nutt, Green, Brisbane, Nicholes, Kirchner, Depue, Wilks, Mishler, Davis, Stevens, Jones, Brooks, Daniels, Sturdefant… There are pics of McCune schools, McCune celebrations, wallet-size pics of classmates, football, cheerleaders, majorettes, etc. Depression Era photos of the rural Monmouth farms. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN THESE PHOTOS? I’d donate them if they would be used for genealogy and historical searches

    • Librarian says:

      Valerie, Sorry for the delay on response. We would love the photos if you still have them. We would help pay for mailing if you needed to mail them. Our email is books@ckt.net if you would like to continue this conversation via email. Our phone number is also 620-632-4112. Thank you

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