Library Board and Staff

The McCune Osage Township Library has five board members and one Township Chairman. The Library Staff consists of a library director, library assistant, and museum director. The Library is owned by the Osage Township of Crawford County Kansas. There are three Township members that make up the Township Board. We also have countless volunteers that make everything we do possible.

Library Board Members

Martha Parsons- President

Becky Cooper- Vice President

Kim Sterling- Secretary

Carolyn Michael- Treasurer

Stacy Han- Trustee

Library Staff:

Morgan Zimmer- Library Director

Roy Parsons- Museum Director

Hannah Godsell- Library Assistant

The Current Osage Township Board Members are:

Cherie Schenker- Trustee, and sits as Chairman on the Library Board.

Clint (Mackie) McColm- Treasurer

Justin Shaffer- Clerk