He was here in 2011 helping us celebrate 150 years of Kansas!  Adults and  Children,  come to  the  library  and  be entertained  by  musician and storyteller, Jeff Davidson, with songs, historical facts and pictures. He will lead you through the  history  of  Kansas,  from  the  time of Coronado through  the second  decade of  statehood.  You  will travel  the plains with early explorers, drive spikes  on the first  railways, plow in new ground, ride the pony express, and stop  a  stampeding  herd.  Set back and hang on, forging the state of Kansas was not for the faint of heart.

     Combining  a  unique  blend  of songs, Kansas historical facts and pictures honoring the  development of the great 34th state — Jeff Davidson  revisits the history of Kansas, and its tremendous influence on western U.S. history.

     Born  during the most  precarious  time in U.S. history, Kansas is the most unique of the 50 states.  It became a state during the era of the Pony Express, just three months prior to the    official  beginning  of the  Civil  War.  It  was the first of the “Great American Desert” to       become a state, but became the “breadbasket of the world” within 50 years of statehood. As eastern settlement reached the Missouri River, it was Kansas that was “Across the Wide  Missouri”, the beginning of the west, the first of the Final Frontier, and virtually all of western U.S. history has a Kansas connection.

     As famous Kansan William Allen White once noted, “If anything is going to happen in the country, it will happen in Kansas first.” Kansas was host to early explorers who traversed through Kansas as they explored  the  vast  Louisiana  Purchase, to traders on the Santa Fe Trail, to pioneers  on the  Oregon Trail,  to the pre Civil War “border war” and  the  post  Civil War  cattle drives which created the greatest American hero  –  the cowboy. From wagon trains to four lanes, from cow trails to contrails, Kansas has been, and still is on the leading edge of    western U.S. settlement.

Coming to McCune Friday, January 19, 2018 @  6:30 P.M. 

Brought to you by the McCune Osage Township Library

Program to be in the Frank D. Dunnick Hall

       Jeff Davidson,   a   former  square dance caller, entertained for the Flint Hills Overland Wagon Train for 25 years.  Jeff  is also  employed as a KSU  Research   &   Extension  Agricultural Agent in Greenwood  County,  Eureka, Kansas.

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